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About Our Game Show

Who Do You Want To See? is a family-friendly game show that is based out of Inglewood, California. Our program is unlike any other show in television history. We created our quiz show to bring a moment of happiness and peace to every contestant. Unlike other trivia programs, our team enjoys uniting people across the world through entertainment. We love watching competitors win prizes, and go on exciting dream vacations with a person of their choice.

Reaching Out to Everyone

We hope to reach all types of people with our show. Our program even shines a light on different charitable organizations, such as the Wounded Warriors Project™ and Make A Wish Foundation™. We dedicate specialty shows in their honor.

Innovative Set Design

One of the major ways our show differs from others on TV is our use of a complete virtual set design. We use a variety of advanced equipment to give contestants, the audience, and viewers a one-of-a-kind experience. In the near future, we are hoping to create amusement park rides and game systems based on our concept. We want to bring our game show experience to fans in many forms.