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Giving You the Chance to Win an Amazing Vacation

Win a dream vacation to any destination with person (if available) of your choice by becoming a contestant on our quiz show. Who Do You Want To See? in Inglewood, California, is a fun new show that tests competitors on their knowledge with trivia questions. Our program involves many great elements, including complete virtual reality, celebrity guests, and amazing prizes. You'll love participating in our show. Don't forget to ask us about our marketing and promotion opportunities

How the Game Works

Playing our quiz game is easy for every contestant. Competitors are asked a series of trivia questions by our host from a chosen topic. Each question is worth different sums of money. Depending on who presses their handheld buzzer first, a competitor gets to answer the question. He or She has three seconds to provide the correct answer. If they cannot answer the question, they then lose the amount of money the question is worth. Other contestants can then buzz in to take their chance at answering the question.

At the end of the game, the competitor with the most money wins. The winner then plays to receive a grand prize, which is a dream vacation to anywhere in the world with the person of their choice (if available).

The Questions

There are five to seven questions answered per topic and round. Each round is limited to eight minutes, and there are three rounds per game. The level and value of the questions increase with each round. During the grand prize round, the winner is presented with a question on a topic of their choosing.

Awesome Prizes & Rewards

Get the chance to get a variety of cool prizes such as money, cars, jewelry, and more. Cash prizes are won by answering our questions correctly. However, only the contestant that wins a round keeps their money from that round.

We also have bonus questions for competitors to answer. By answering them correctly, contestants win a prize regardless if they win a round. Contestants who don't win a round, any money, or prizes receive $2,500 for participating.